Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Made it to Delhi, but now...?

Admittingly, we've been here in Delhi now for a few days. One might think that this should have given us enough time to organize ourselves. Well, getting to Tajikistan is not that easy!
After one short attempt from our travel agent in Hong Kong (proposed route: Delhi - Moscow - St. Petersburg - Dushanbe - Urumchi - Guangzou - Hong Kong), we quickly decided to leave the route planning (Delhi - Dushanbe) to our very talented special travel agent Matthieu himself.

Matthieu: Did you mention that we only came to Delhi in the first place, because there was a Delhi-Dushanbe flight? That we found out it got cancelled 24 hours before we left Hong Kong...?

So, since we arrived at our dear friend Simone's place on the 16th, we've been pouring over Russian aviation websites of airlines unknown to even the most astute Indian travel agent. Exploring every possible option, we, at some point or the other, were ready to pretty much cover all the 'stans' (Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan) or to fly 4500km west to Istanbul to then get a connecting flight back to Tajikistan (some 1000km north of here!). In our desperation we even considered spending a night in Kabul and a flight with (by local Afghanis highly UNrecommended) Ariana Airline.

But yesterday the search finally produced a possible solution. For the moment everything seems right: price, flight and connection times, airline safety... Dubai here we come! Let's call it the Triple D solution.

Oh, and to put some timeline to all this - we'll be in Delhi until the 28th of April, then fly down South to Karnataka for a week. Return to Delhi on May 3rd and then the big trip (die Große Reise) will finally begin.

Iluka: Delhi is very hot, but there is no Kranz' (Strand = beach) here anywhere... Mama and Papa are getting a bit too obsessed with this whole thumbsucking business - apparently it's 'DIRTY' here. There is a park with lots of squirrels and butterflies and a rusty old swing. My new friend Diran has so many toys that I guess it's ok to stay in the house. In the evenings we go and get ice cream. Yum!


jen/bill said...

Fab... Love to peek in and have a vicarious adventure.
Please tell Iluka that Griffin and Theo say hi. Theo is headed to Hosp on Tues for tonsils out- he says "drink the water, I would!"

solveig marina said...

yay, well done on finding a way! looking forward to reading your blog. mark is back from mumbai on tomorrow (friday) so hope he will be able to see you.

Hans said...

Wow, folks, I admire your sense for adventure _ Mathhieu's and Mareille's sense I knew already before but now you even travel with little Iluka... Wow! I wish you all the luck you will need (and a big portion extra!)

Have a great and safe journey. I will follow and watch you via computer from Hamburg.



Tanja said...

Wow, I love how adventurous you are - especially as a young family! I really can't wait to get to meet you and welcome you in Khorog as my house mates :)

Save trips and see you soon in the lovely Pamirs

ganz liebe Grüße bis dahin!

Jacques said...

Can we know more about Simone? If she welcomes a whole family with a new born baby, she may also accept smaller group. I wish I have a pied a terre in Dehli.
Matthieu, je vais prendre ta planche de gros skate et faire de la descente, merci.

Philipp said...

Oh you guys are soooo cute,
well done you bloggers, and sure the Mareilu map with the little talib man rocks !
Go get 'Tripple D' booked and confirmed.

Nico said...

Namaste les Paley,

I heard about a Delhi, Paris, Dushanbe, NY, Melbourne, Casablanca, HK ... any interest ?

Hello to Senor Simone & Co !

Enjoy dears,


Sarah said...

Absolutely love it my dear!

Wishing you well and thinking of you often.

Heimana said...

Mathieu threaten me to come to see this blog, so here I am!
Well, this is quite an adventure! But it's the kind that I'd love to do myself, so I wish all of you the best times and the greatest things to happen!
Take care!